The essence of Impact Dialog is that sustainable impact can only be achieved through respectful dialogue. My work is therefore build on three components:

  • Enabling you to connect to your inner reasons to achieve impact and to select, choose and connect with your relevant actors,
  • Support you with the development and implementation of strategies enabling you to have ongoing communication with your target audiences,
  • Equip you with the relevant tools to maintain long-term, sustainable relationships formed and built on trust and respect.

Dr. Rosmarie Katrin Neumann

I have more than 15 years of interdisciplinary expertise, split between research and practice. Originally trained as a Landscape Ecologist I have studied in Germany, Iceland, New Zealand and the UK. My recent research sheds light on knowledge uptake for decision-making, stakeholder communication networks and effective factors for successful long-term networking. During my studies I have worked with multiple stakeholder groups including law enforcement agents, national media. Working as a researcher and science communication expert has taught me how to connect biodiversity researchers with national, European and international policies and policy makers. I have co-authored a Science paper about the failures of science-policy dialogue in relation to EU agricultural policy. I have more than 11,000 followers on Twitter and am a trained mediator since 2016.

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“Rosmarie combines research expertise with extensive practical experience to inspire and motivate the people who come to her training. I have enjoyed training alongside Rosi and notice how people warm to her open and honest approach. Her experience and expertise as a mediator and science-policy knowledge broker give her a unique skill set and enable her to illustrate her training with first hand stories from her own experience. I highly recommend Rosi's course and her skills as a trainer, mediator and knowledge broker.”

Prof. Mark Reed, Professor of Rural Entrepreneurship and Director at the Natural Capital Challenge Centre at Scotland's Rural College (SRUC), @profmarkreed

“Working in climate protection management, impactful communication is essential for success. Luckily, I was able to train my communication skills very early in my career while attending Rosi’s Impact Training. I now know to set my goals while also keeping my stakeholders’ interests in mind. With her help I learned to look at such communication challenges from new perspectives which enabled me to overcome these seemingly unsolvable difficulties. But the biggest impact for me was when Rosi made me realize how much one can accomplish when working as a team: Rosi showed me that together we have the power to change the world.”

Katharina Funk, Climate Change Manager, City of Erlangen, @KEFunk

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